Booking a cheap London escort for my grandfather’s 80th birthday

Growing up with grandparents is fun, they will love you more than in their children. I am lucky that I have grandparents like them, they have raised me into a good and excellent man. I am with them when my parents separated; I still can remember we used to live in a small house with my parents and a happy family. My father always went home with a surprise; he loves to buy me a toy because he knows it made me happy. My mom always prepared our favorite foods, and it made us happy. I am so glad that my parents are still there, until such time they separate ways. My dad is based in New York for his work, at first, he is consistent in communication, and going home. We are surprised when we got a call from a mean woman and told us that my dad impregnated her and he won’t come back. I celebrated my birthday with tears in me and sadness. He is supposed to go home for my birthday, but he did not happen. We did not continue the celebration and all the guests it was postponed. My mother break down and throw away my father’s stuff. I call my grandparents to help me with her.


It is hard for her to lose my dad, he leaves without informing us, and my mom can’t accept it, and so do I. Everyday, I noticed my mom she is not in herself, talking alone and laughing. I am afraid of her because sometimes she holds a knife and looks at me angrily. There are times she looked at me and told me that I was my dad. I was look alike to my dad, and she will see me in me. She often beat me or lock to the room. Sometimes, she would not feed me and talk to herself. I fear she could kill me and so I called my grandparents again to rescue me. To help my mom,  we decided to bring her to a mental hospital for treatment. Since then, my grandparents raised me with full of love and joy. Because of them, I have not notice that there is lacking with me. I am happy with them and promise to study hard and gave them a better life. My grandparents always prepare for my birthday; they had to make sure I am so glad and invited all my friends.


The greatest gift I can give to them is a diploma. When I finally graduate from college and immediately look for work. I instantly get promoted and increased of salary. It was my grandfathers 80th  birthday and decided to book a cheap London escort of to accompany me during an event.